108 Names of Lord Shiva

  1. Ahirbhudhanya: The one who possess the Kundalini
  2. Aja: The one who is boundless
  3. Ambikanatha: Consort of Ambika, the Mother Goddess
  4. Anagha: He who is pure
  5. Ananta: The one who is unending
  6. Andhakasura Sudana: The Lord who killed the demon Andhaka
  7. Anekatma: The God who has many forms
  8. Anishvara: The one who does not have any Lord
  9. Apavargaprada: Lord who gives and takes all things
  10. Ashtamurti: Lord who has eight forms
  11. Avayaya: The one who never subject to change
  12. Avayayat: The one who is unseen
  13. Avyagra: Lord who is steady and unwavering
  14. Bhagnetrabhid: The Lord who damaged Bhaga’s eye
  15. Bhagwan: The Lord of prosperity
  16. Bhaktavatsala: The Lord who is always on the side his devotees
  17. Bharga: Lord who ends all sins
  18. Bhasmodhulitavigrah: The one who applies ashes all over the body
  19. Bhava: The God who is existence itself
  20. Bheema: The one who has a fearful form
  21. Bhootapati: Lord of the Panchabhoota and evil spirits
  22. Bujangabhushana: Lord adorned with the golden snake
  23. Charuvikrama: The guardian of wandering pilgrims
  24. Dakshadhwarahara: Destroyer of Daksha’s conceited sacrifice or yajna
  25. Deva: Lord of the devas or demigods
  26. Digambara: Shiva whose robes is the cosmos
  27. Durdharsha: The One who is unconquerable
  28. Gananatha: God of the ganas
  29. Gangadhar: The God who holds the Ganges river in his hair
  30. Giridhanva: God whose weapon is a mountain
  31. Giripriya: Lord who is fond of the mountains
  32. Giriraj: King of the mountains
  33. Girisha: The God who sleeps on Kailash mountain
  34. Hara: The Lord who dissolves all bondage and sins
  35. Hari: Same as Lord Vishnu
  36. Havi: He who is wealthy in the form of ahuti
  37. Hiranyareta: The one who emanates golden souls
  38. Jagadguru: Guru of the universe
  39. Jagadvyapi: God who permeates the entire world
  40. Jattadhar: The God with matted locks or jata
  41. Kailashavasi: Native of Kailash
  42. Kalakal: One who is the death of deaths
  43. Kamari: Enemy of Kamadeva
  44. Kapali: One who wears a necklace of skulls
  45. Kapardi: The Lord with thickly matted hair
  46. Kathor: The God who has a strong body
  47. Kawachi: The God who is armored
  48. Khandaparshu: Lord with the broken axe
  49. Khatvangi: The God who carries a knurled club or khatvanga
  50. Kripanidhi: The God who is the treasure of compassion
  51. Krittivas: God who wears clothes of elephant skin
  52. Lalataksha: One who has an eye in the forehead
  53. Mahadeva: Greatest of the Gods
  54. Mahasenajanaka: Father of Kartikeya
  55. Maheshwara: Lord of Gods
  56. Mrida: The Lord who shows mercy
  57. Mrigpani: Shiva with deer in hands
  58. Mrityunjay: Lord who conquers death
  59. Nilalohit: The one with red and blue colors
  60. Panchavaktra: God of the five activities
  61. Paramatma: Everyone’s own soul
  62. Parameshwar: The Great God
  63. Parshuhasta: The God who holds axe in hands
  64. Pashupati: Lord of animals
  65. Pashvimochana: Lord who releases all fetters
  66. Pinakin: One who has a bow in his hand
  67. Prajapati: The creator of dynasty
  68. Pramathadhipa: God who is served by goblins
  69. Purarati: Destroyer of the enemy
  70. Pushadantabhit: One who punished Pushan
  71. Rudra: The one who gets sad by the pain of devotees
  72. Sadashiva: The one who is eternally auspicious
  73. Sahasrapada: The Lord who is standing and walking everywhere
  74. Sahsraksha: One who has limitless forms
  75. Samapriya: The one who loves with equality
  76. Sarvagya: The one who knows everything
  77. Satvik: Lord of boundless energy
  78. Shambhu: One who bestows prosperity
  79. Shankar: One who gives happiness and prosperity
  80. Sharva: Remover of all troubles
  81. Shashi Shekhar: The God who wears the crescent moon in his hair
  82. Shashvat: Lord who is eternal and endless
  83. Shipivishta: The Lord whose form emits great rays of light
  84. Shitikantha: The Lord who has a white neck
  85. Shiva: The Lord who is always pure
  86. Shivapriya: Beloved of Parvati, the Mother Goddess
  87. Shrikantha: The one of glorious neck
  88. Shuddhavigraha: Lord of pure soul
  89. Shulapani: The one who carries a trident
  90. Som: The one who includes the form of Uma or Goddess Durga
  91. Somasuryaagnilochana: The one who has eyes in the form of the sun, the moon, and fire
  92. Sthanu: The firm and immovable deity
  93. Sukshamatanu: God who has a subtle body
  94. Swaramayi: The God who lives in all seven notes of music
  95. Tarak: The Lord who is great liberator of mankind
  96. Trayimurti: Shiva who possesses the Veda form
  97. Trilokesha: The Lord of all the three worlds
  98. Tripurantak: The God who killed the demon Tripurasura
  99. Ugra: The One who has extremely fierce nature
  100. Vamadeva: The God who is pleasing and auspicious in every way
  101. Veerabhadra: Who is violent , yet peaceful
  102. Virupaksha: The Shiva with oblique eyes
  103. Vishnuvallabha: The one who is dear to Lord Vishnu
  104. Vishveshwara: Lord of the universe
  105. Vrishanka: The God who has a flag with a symbol of bull
  106. Vrishbharudh: The one who rides bull
  107. Vyomakesh: Whose hair spreads in the sky
  108. Yagyamaya: The architect of all sacrificial rites

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