Various Types of Trains in India

● Passenger Train – A train that stops at every station.
● Express Train – A train that stops at selected stations and is comparatively faster than passenger train.
● Supper Fast Train – A train, with a speed more than 100 km/NR.
● Goods Train – A train that carries goods from one place to another. Its compartments are called wagon.
● Bullet Train – A very fast train that runs on magnetic field.
● Up Train – A train that originates from head quarter.
● Down Train – A train that returns to head quarter.
● Palace on Wheels – A completely air conditioned tourist train with various facilities.
● Mail Train – A train that carries mail.
● Metro or Underground Train – A train that runs on specially constructed railway tracks or runs underground. They are found in Kolkata and Delhi.
● Mono Rail – This train runs on specially constructed railway tracks, with the help of rope way as, in Germany.
● Tram Rail – A train with single or double compartments runs on specially constructed railway tracks on the road. It moves slowly.
● Air Conditioned Train – A train, in which most of the coaches are air conditioned.
● Izzat Train – Indian railway has launched a new scheme named ‘Izzat’ in which there is a provision of monthly season ticket for Rs. 25 including all taxes. These tickets will be given to those who are working in an unorganised sector and whose monthly income is not more than Rs. 1500.
● Vivek Express – The train to cover the longest distance in the country. The train began its operation on 19 Nov. 2011 joins Assam with Kanyakumari. It completes it journey of 4,286 Km in 82.30 hrs. It operates once a week on every Saturday. It starts from Dibrugarh at 11.45 PM and reaches Kanyakumari at 10.25 AM on Wednesday Return journey takes the same tune as well.
● Himsagar Express – It is a second train to run a long distance. It covers 11 states and 3,715 km of distance. It runs between Jammu and Kanyakumari.
● Local Train – A train that covers local areas such as local train in Mumbai.
Image ● Janseva Express – A train that runs as an express service to serve the passengers, but it has only unreserved second class.
● Konkan Railway – Combined operation of Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and ministry of railway. Because of its specific infrastructure ‘it’ is first railway in the world and being in Konkan region, It is called Konkan railway. It is made on ‘Bolt’ system in which bridges, tunnels, speed and tracks are important.
● Medical Relief Train – It is specially meant to look into Accidents. It has all the medical staff, medicines and material.
● Accident Relief Train / Break Down Train – A train that brings relief to the accident site. It carries crane generator, rail tracks, sleepers, tool van engine, staff van and track van.
● Mountain Railway – A train that operates in the midst of mountain for the tourism purpose.
● Deluxe Train – A train with all types of coaches with various facilities and whose speed is fast as good as the speed of super fast train.
● Armed Train – A train that carries arms, ammunition food material etc to the battle field, during war.
● Special Train – A train that is introduced specially on the occasion of festivals, holidays, fairs or to promote tourism.
● Woman Special Train – A train specially meant for woman folk launched by Bombay suburban rail service on 5 March 1992. It started from Churchgate Borivellie.
● Reefer Train – A train that carries perishable items to their destinations.
● Speed Link Express – A train that carries general goods from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai at a super fast speed. These good trains are called speed Link express.
● Link Express – A passenger train that links various cities of regional railways.
● Intercity Express – A train that runs between important cities carrying daily passengers.
● Memu & Demu Train – These trains are like traditional passenger trains.
Karmabhoomi and Janmabhoomi Train – Karmbhoomi, unreserved train for common people. Janmabhoomi – A weekly train between Ahemadabad Udhampur to provide facilities to soldiers.

सामान्य ज्ञान, करेन्ट अफेयर व सरकारी नौकरी के अपडेट लगातार हासिल करने के लिए हमें फेसबुक पर ज्वॉइन करें

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